PE FR Scaffold Sheeting
Strong knot, uniform opening and size, strong, durable and economical

Scaffold sheeting: is also named Safety Nettings ,Building Safety Net ,Debris Safety , Construction Scaffolding Debris net ,Fence  Nets ,Debris Nets ,PE Scaffolding Net ,Scaffolding  Netting, etc.
Applications: Used in building , bridge or other project constructions. Falling objects protection, protect the workers. Building Wrap. Wind and dust controlling, beautify the construction site. Enclosure systems to protect people around. Environmental containment. Total weather protection.
Scaffold sheeting  is made from PE, the material with high strength and durability. It is mainly for building protection has finer opening to 2000mesh/m2, So it can prevent articles with bottom area  and offers better safety features. It is knitted by precision machine. Firm knots , uniform openings and sizes. It is firm, tough, durable and economic.
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