An electric car caught fire on Wanjiali Road, Changsha for unknown reasons

After arriving at the scene, according to the on-site fire investigation, an electric car was found burning on the side of the road opposite Yongji Hospital on Wanjiali Road. The fire scene was beside the main road. There were many onlookers and a lot of smoke. The situation is critical. Tongsheng Fire Station quickly organized one to send out two foam guns to control the fire, and the other set out to be responsible for the surrounding vigilance, evacuate the onlookers, and provide uninterrupted water supply for the first starting vehicle.
   At 7:35, as the battery of the electric car was located inside the vehicle, the commander arranged for two team members to demolish the door of the vehicle under the cover of water guns, and applied to the command center to dispatch large water tank foam vehicles for reinforcement.
   At 7:45, the 22-ton foam water tank fire truck reinforcements from Tongsheng Fire Station arrived at the scene and took over for the second departure to supply water.
   Means that the fighters cooperated with electric vehicle technicians to clean up the parts that may have re-ignition. After ensuring that there is no possibility of re-ignition, they returned to the team and resumed duty and readiness after registering with the electric vehicle owner.
   The accident did not cause any casualties. Currently, the cause of the fire is under investigation.