Use car bad habits to check the five most should not use auto parts

Auto parts have enriched our car life. However, in actual observation, we found that many parts are actually contrary to car safety design. Then the Bull Cart Lab will take you to check the five most unused auto parts. If you choose them, please discard them as soon as possible.
1. Seat belt buckle
Seat belt buckles are a commonplace issue, but there are always people who are lucky. Seat belts are the last straw for the safety of people in the car in the event of a traffic accident. Without the restraint of the seat belts, in the event of an accident, the people in the car will "fly" under the influence of inertia, and personal safety cannot be guaranteed.

In order to remind the people in the car to fasten the seat belt, most of the current models are equipped with seat belt warning sounds. However, there are always people who think that it is uncomfortable to wear a seat belt and strangle their shoulders. In order to deceive the car system, seat belt buckles come into being. Although this deceives the system, when a traffic accident occurs, it is your own safety.

2. Center console decoration
Many people like to place some ornaments on the center console. Buddha statues or leopards are the most common, with the intention of praying for peace and prosperity. But in fact, placing objects on the center console is a very dangerous behavior. It will not only hinder the line of sight of the vehicle and cause reflections, but in the event of a traffic accident, these objects will directly attack the faces of the front passengers and cause secondary injuries.

In addition, the passenger airbags of many models are hidden in the center console. If the items placed are too heavy, it may also affect the ejection of the airbags.

In addition to ornaments, such as some inconspicuous center console storage boxes and mobile phone holders, we must also avoid placing them. These scattered items are also likely to cause damage to the occupants in a traffic accident.

3. Steering wheel booster ball
One-handed driving is very common in daily life, but everyone knows that this is a very bad driving habit. However, it is precisely for this bad driving habit that the steering ball came into being, which made up for the "inconvenience" of not being able to drive the direction with bare hands.
Many people will certainly ask, why is it not safe to use the steering wheel to assist the ball steering, which is easy and convenient? You must know that the correct way to operate the steering wheel is to hold the steering wheel at three or nine o'clock, and the steering requires a cross-type technique to ensure that the steering wheel will always be held with both hands and will not lose control when turning in an emergency.

The curve itself is a high-incidence area, and the product quality of the booster ball cannot be guaranteed. Once it falls off or fails in a curve, very serious consequences will occur. You can also see on the seller’s website that the propaganda point of the steering wheel booster ball is not tenable at all. One-handed driving is a bad driving habit, but it seems to have become a matter of course. If you have already selected such auto parts, it is recommended that you as soon as possible throw away.

4. Dark film
In order to ensure the privacy of the car interior, the film seems to be the first thing that Chinese consumers do after buying a car. In fact, the film is a bad habit, but if you still choose a dark glass film, it is really unsafe. .
Automobile glass is the only channel for the driver to observe the line of sight of the vehicle, and how can I get a clear view at night when the glass film is pasted in dark black?
In addition, if the vehicle falls into the water or a traffic accident occurs and the door cannot be opened due to a malfunction, the window becomes the only exit for escape. If a poor-quality glass film is attached, it is not easy to break the glass in an emergency, making it impossible to escape. Dilemma.
5. Fully enclosed seat cover
The seat cover, like the glass film, seems to have become a must-have car accessory for most car owners. Everyone thinks that after putting on the seat cover, it can reduce the wear of the original car seat and increase the comfort. There is nothing wrong with the original intention, but here we want to focus on the full surround seat cover. In order to prevent side impacts, many models are equipped with seat side airbags, and the position of the seat side airbags is hidden on the edge of the seat. In the event of an accident, the airbag is wrapped in a fully enclosed seat cover. One situation is that it cannot be opened, and the other situation is that it will break the seat cover and cause secondary injury to the driver. At the same time, for models equipped with seat heating and seat ventilation, the fully enclosed seat cover will also make these two functions meaningless. The above are the five kinds of auto parts that are highly used but should not be used. I wonder if there are any of them in your car? If you have purchased these car supplies, for your safety, it is better to take them away as soon as possible.