Customs uncovered 850 million smuggled imported auto parts case

[#Customs Cracked 8.5 billion Smuggling Imported Auto Parts Case#] On the 12th, the Huangpu Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau destroyed 3 smuggling gangs suspected of smuggling auto parts at low prices, arrested 10 criminal suspects, and investigated 10 places involved A batch of suspected smuggling of imported Audi, BMW and other brands of drive shafts, lights, steering gears and other auto parts and a batch of evidence involved in the case were seized. The initial estimate is about 850 million yuan. It is reported that many domestic cargo owners such as Shui Moumou, Yu Moumou, through domestic agent Huang Moumou, ordered Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi and other high-end brands of auto parts from overseas suppliers in Singapore, Britain, Germany, etc., and entrusted Huang Moumou The gang smuggled into the country by making false invoices, packing lists and other materials, by under-quoting or concealing them.